A brand experience within your reach.

Superdocu offers a white-label interface to your clients: easy to use and customized with your brand assets.


Secure portal.

Your contacts can add their files in a blink.

Your contacts have access to a fast and secure private space. They can easily upload their files, on a mobile device or on their computers.

White-label interface.

A portal custom to your brand

The private space is entirely customizable: you can add your logo, your profile pic and your contact details, and use your own colors as well, to provide your clients with a familiar brand experience. You can also use your own subdomain, such as "yourcompany.superdocu.com"

Custom emails.

Extend your brand experience inside your contacts' inboxes.

The e-mails your clients receive are entirely customized with your colors, your own text, your contact details and your logo.

Offer your clients a brand experience with Superdocu.

Start collecting documents from your contacts right now, while offering a brand experience to your clients.