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Agency onboarding.

This template will help you onboard any client of your agency.

Agency Customer Marketing

Mortgage customer onboarding (US).

A template to help mortgage brokers collect documents and information from their customers

Real Estate Customer Finance KYC

Real estate seller documents.

A template for realtors to collect documents and information from their new customers or leads.

Real Estate KYC Customer Agency

Employee onboarding.

All you need to onboard your new employees in just a click

HR Employee Start-ups

Driver onboarding.

All you need to onboard a new driver in your fleet.

Compliance Suppliers Logistics Start-ups

Student registration.

A generic student registration form that you can customize to get people on board in your school or course.

Education Students

Vehicle onboarding.

A useful and repeatable workflow to receive all necessary information about a vehicle.

Compliance Suppliers Logistics Start-ups

General supplier onboarding.

General workflow to onboard any kind of supplier. Use it as a boilerplate and customize it to your needs!

Construction HR Suppliers KYC

Expense report request.

As an office manager or accountant, you might need to collect documents such as expense reports once in a while. We have made it easy with a quick boilerplate that includes documents commonly requested from employees.

HR Accounting Employees

Legal client intake.

A simple template to onboard any client for your law firm easily.

Legal Customers Compliance

General job application form.

A simple job application form, that you can customize to your own needs

General HR Start-ups Employees

Proof of identity.

A form and list of documents to collect in order for your customers, suppliers or employees to prove their identity.

General Compliance Suppliers Customers Employees

Courier onboarding.

If you work in a delivery or logistics company, this template will help you collect all legal documents and information from your new couriers.

General Suppliers Logistics Start-ups