Forget the long e-mail threads.

With Superdocu, schedule reminders in case of missing document, and free your time to work on what matters.

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The end of long e-mail threads.

Collect documents you need in just a click

Define the list of documents you usually collect from your contacts and invite them. They will instantly receive an e-mail inviting them to upload their files.

Scheduled followups.

Define reminders in case of missing documents.

Superdocu allows you to schedule automated reminders that your contacts will receive in case of missing documents. Choose at what frequency you want the follow-ups to be sent, customize their content and let the magic happen. If you use Superdocu, you will never have to verify a document is missing again: we do that for you.

Manual reminders.

Need a document urgently? Send a reminder in just a click.

One of your contacts has forgotten to send a document and you need it quickly? Instead of writing a manual e-mail, send a reminder from Superdocu with all the necessary info for your contact to upload the missing doc.

Alerts in case of document rejection.

Your contacts receive an e-mail notification in case one of their documents is rejected.

Did you receive an expired ID, an unreadable file or an incomplete document? In one click, define the reason why the document isn't valid and notify your contact instantly.

SMS reminders (coming soon).

This feature is currently being developed

You will soon be able to friendly nudges via SMS, in case your contacts forget to open their inbox!

Save one hour a day with Superdocu.

Start collecting documents from your clients right now, without ever thinking about following-up.