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Superdocu helps you collect any document, automatically.

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Document collection made easy.

Superdocu is the easiest way for you to request and get any document you need.

You must have experienced this in the past: you send an e-mail to your contacts, asking them to send you the documents you need. You receive part of them and need constant back and forth to get the missing ones. You then have to browse that looooong e-mail thread to download each document, verify them and get in touch with your contacts in case a file is missing or invalid. You mailbox is full and you lose some attachments because of your mail provider's restrictions. Start using Superdocu to put an end to these problems.

Collect any document type.

Ask your clients whatever you need, without limits.

Define templates for documents you need and invite your contacts in just a click. They will immediately receive a request. You can invite up to 100 people in a few seconds, and customize the list of documents needed for each of them. If you have several types of contacts, you can define as many templates as needed!

Document management.

Verify, accept or reject documents.

Document management can be painful. With Superdocu, you can validate or reject a document in just one click. Your contacts will instantly receive a notification and can re-upload the right documents. You can besides export all of your clients' documents in just a click.

Automated followups.

Define reminders in case of missing document.

Superdocu enables you to schedule automated reminders. They'll be sent to your contacts in case of missing document. Choose the frequency of reminders, customize each reminder's content and let the magic happen! If you use Superdocu, you will never have to verify if a file is missing again: we do that for you!

Collect documents with Superdocu.

Start collecting right now and spend your time on things that matter.